Product: BMW independently suspended axles for X5 SUV

Burke Porter test stand for BMW suspended axles photo

An axle test stand with a 100 HP, 6000 RPM variable speed input drive motor to drive the axle unit via a torque limiter set at 262 Nm and a torque transducer rated at 200 Nm.
Load is applied to the two outputs by two 50 HP, 2400 RPM variable speed motors each with a torque limiter set at 525 Nm and a torque transducer rated at 500 Nm.

The axle is loaded and unloaded by a palletized conveyor system. The axle and pallet are raised by a lifter into a fixture assembly. A top plate fixture contains all of the oil fill and part clamping components. This top plate assembly is changed when another type of axle unit is tested. The flexible fixture allows many different types of axles to be tested on the same machine. The input and output stations are mounted on ballscrew driven linear bearing slides. Electrically operated clamp units hold the axle in test position.

The machine is monitored and controlled by Siemens 412-PCI Slot PLC over a Profibus network in conjunction with the HMI software using Visual Basic programming tool.

Weight: 15 metric tons

Dimensions (millimeters): 7167W x 7756D x 2560H

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Product: Test Stand for Acura/Honda Torque on Demand Rear Axle Assemblies

Test stand for Honda rear axles photo

A Test Machine equipped with a 100 KW, 4500 rpm variable speed input drive motor to drive the Rear Axle via a torque transducer and a torque limiter. Load is applied to the two outputs by two 29.6 KW, 3000 rpm variable speed motors each with a torque transducer and disk brake. Both drive and load motors are mounted on precision slides to automatically engage the input and output shafts when indexed to the test position.

Two workholding fixtures are situated on a rotary table to enable a component to be loaded/unloaded whilst another is being tested.

Tests are for functionality, applying load to the axle unit both in drive and overrun, measuring noise and vibration levels.

The machine is monitored and controlled by a Siemens Win AC Pro PLC.

Gross weight: 11.5 metric tons
Dimensions (millimeters): 5500W x 5720D x 2300H

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Product: Tractor Transmission/Axle Endurance Test Stand

Tractor transmission and axle endurance test stand photo

An endurance test stand to run and test a tractor gearbox and back axle assembly using a 100 KW, 2500 RPM input drive motor with variable speed thyristor control, and two 75 KW, 1500 RPM DC ouput load motors driven through two 10:1 reduction gearboxes.

The machine is equipped with various adaptors to suit a range of gearbox back axle assembly types.

Product: Tractor Gearbox and Axle Assembly

Gross weight: 3.3 metric tons
Dimensions (millimeters): 7000W x 5000D x 2000H

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Product: A Rear Axle Test Machine to test a 'Rigid Drive Axle or 'Steer Drive Axle' for Excavators

Excavator axle test stand photo

The machine incorporates an automatic input drive from a variable speed DC motor, a two spindle drilling head for attachment holes, a 'Diff Lock' test facility, metered oil filling systems with 'Standard' or 'Special' oil.

Air leak tests to the 'Head' and the 'LH' and 'RH' Hubs are measured electronically.

Components: Rigid Drive Axle, Steer Drive Axle

Gross weight: 12 metric tons
Dimensions (millimeters): 4100W x 2700D x 1830H

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