Product: Electronic clutch assembly used to engage 4-wheel drive function

An torque on demand, clutch test stand with an input drive comprising of a 30 KW variable speed AC motor to drive the clutch via a torque limiter set to disengage at 2200 Nm. The drive motor is fitted with a 2-speed gearbox to deliver an output torque of 573Nm or 2290Nm.
The output drive (load) comprises of a torque transducer rated at 2000 Nm and a disk brake assembly for applying a load to the output of the clutch.

The work holding tooling consists of two fixtures mounted on a rotary table powered by an electrically operated indexer.

The input drive and output brake assembly are mounted on hydraulically operated linear slides.
A 200-liter hydraulic power pack provides power to the two slides, the disk brake and the two fixtures via a rotary distributor.

The machine is monitored and controlled by Siemens 412-PCI Slot PLC over a Profibus network in conjunction with the HMI software using Visual Basic programming tool.

Weight: 5.6 metric tons

Dimensions (millimeters): 5374W x 3100D x 2100H
Visual Basic.

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Product: Nissan rack-and-pinion steering gears

A special test machine for testing 'Zua' powered steering gears series 'ZW' (two at a time). The machine is designed to fit in an automated production line including automatic loading/unloading, oil fill and drain, testing, recording data and part marking satisfactory units.

The machine comprises of two identical fixtures each of which incorporates an angled servo driven drive thru a torque limiter and a torque transducer rated at 50Nm. Engagement of the servo drive is carried out by a hydraulically operated slide. The servo input drive can be angled from 0° (vertical) to 30° clockwise to suit different types of steering gear. Each fixture incorporates two hydraulic clamps, a bar code reader, two nut runners for plugging the ends of the steering rack, a hydraulic cylinder for push/pull operation of the rack and a load cell for monitoring force. The fixtures are adaptable to suit other types of steering gear.

The test sequence includes filling the gear with oil, operating the pinion and measuring torque, measuring length of rack stroke, oil flow test, temperature test, pressure test, pressure/torque test comparison when the rack is locked. Further tests are hysterisis, continuity, pressure decay, storing data and part marking.

The machine is monitored and controlled by Siemens 412-PCI Slot PLC over a Profibus network in conjunction with the HMI software using Visual Basic programming tool.

Weight: 8 metric tons

Dimensions (millimeters): 3300W x 2485D x 2400H

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Product: Electronic Control Unit Leak Test Stand

A Test Stand for carrying out a full function and leak test on the gearbox E.C.U. Electronic Control Unit). The machine incorporates an air operated die set to locate and clamp at the 9 fixing boltholes by 9 stacks of spring washers to simulate the assembled condition of the gearbox. A manually operated guard is interlocked electrically and pneumatically with the test sequence.

Each port is tested for function and leak decay as follows:

  1. The test program supplies a prescribed volume of air at 80 psi to the E.C.U. for a timed leak test.
  2. A digital flow meter displays any air leak from any of the 3 ports in the E.C.U.
  3. Each valve in the E.C.U. is then tested by filling three 55 cu. ins. air reservoirs in a specific time.

The machine is monitored and controlled by a 'GE-Fanuc' PLC which is housed in a separate cabinet.

Product: Transmission Electronic Control Units

Weight: 800 Lbs

Dimensions (millimeters): 1700W x 1300D x 1620H

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