New US Order for Axle Testing

London, England, May 24, 2005 /Newswire/ A new order from a major US axle manufacturer to supply three of its latest generation axle testers.  The new testers will do functional and NVH testing on a variety of different style SUV axles.  Unique flexible tooling on these new machines will allow the manufacturer to test all of its different product styles on any one of the three test machines.  The product range includes front and rear beam axles (with tubes) and rear axle center sections.  To maximize the effectiveness of the NVH testing, all of the products will be tested in “in-vehicle” position.  Each system also includes its own pre-test lubrication system.  The latest Burke Porter axle tester design will allow any future axle product to be tested on these machines with the simple addition of new fixturing and engagement adaptors.  This new development in axle tester design will allow manufacturers to make change-overs to new product types very quickly with a minimum of additional cost.

Since 1960, Burke Porter has custom-designed, built and installed more than 1,000 test stands worldwide.  Burke Porter specializes in test equipment for transmissions, transfer cases, axles, differentials, and has also manufactured test cells for steering components, cylinder heads, hydraulic valves, alternators, starter motors, clutches and both electric and hydraulic motors.  The stands are designed for both development laboratories and end-of-line production applications.

One of three flexible axle testers supplied to US customer by Burke Porter Machinery



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