Burke Porter Machinery Awarded 9 NVH Test Machines

Burke Porter Machinery was awarded a 9 machine order for measuring axle noise, vibration and harshness (NVH). These machines will be testing PTU, RDM, Rear Beam Axle, and Front Beam Axle parts.

The flexible design will enable the customer to quickly flex their lines to produce parts for multiple models and customers. This is supported by the quick changover times and full error proofing for the fixtures and tooling.

The test rigs also acheived sub +/- 1 db repeatability due to the application of the BEP patented reactive coupling, advanced flexible adapter design, and customer engineered fixtures that were optimized using FEA modeling.

A standard NVH axle test rig manufactured by Burke Porter Machinery

An output driveline with motor, flexible coupling, flywheel, slipping clutch and intermediate bearing block.

With reactive coupling deactivated, the gap between the axle and input shaft is 0.5 mm.  The dynamic output torque (Y axis) plotted against static input torque for the same axle tested 6 times shows a 1.8 dB variation in the results leading to uncertainty as to how noisy the gears are.

With reactive coupling activated, the gap between the axle and input shaft is maintained at 0.1 mm and the spread of results are much smaller at .9 dB allowing gear noise to be predicted much more accurately.




The Americas
Burke E. Porter Machinery - Americas
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Grand Rapids, MI 49546
Telephone: 616-234-1238
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Europe & Africa
Burke E. Porter Machinery - Europe
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Telephone: +32-50 40 85 30
Contact: Louis Gielen
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Burke E. Porter Machinery - Asia
Furong 4 road,Dong Bei Tang,Xishan economy developing district
Wuxi, Jiangsu, China 214001
Contact: Dr. Charles An
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