A power steering test stand was provided to ZUA Autoparts in Oakwood, Georgia.  The PLC-controlled rig has 'in-vehicle' simulation facilities and is used as a research and development tool to test and measure pinion torque, rack effort and efficiency, the relationship between input torque and output load, valve characteristics and returnability.  Hydraulic power and hot oil systems are being integrated into the test programs.

ZUA Autoparts is a joint venture between ZF Lenksysteme GmbH (ZF/Bosch) of Germany and Hitachi Unisia Automotive Corporation of Japan and was established in 1989 to manufacture passenger car and light truck steering products for the North American automotive industry.  The company places considerable importance on quality.  In addition to being ISO-9000 and QS-9000 certified, its products are approved by many customers including Nissan Motor Manufacturing Corporation, Ford Motor Company, AutoAlliance International, Inc and Subaru-lsuzu Automotive, Inc.

Burke Porter Machinery was chosen to supply the equipment for optimising power steering quality as it could point to the design, bespoke manufacture and installation of over 1,000 stands worldwide for testing transmissions, transfer cases, axles and differentials as well as steering components, cylinder heads, hydraulic valves, alternators, starter motors, clutches and both electric and hydraulic motors.




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