Powertrain test stands are becoming one of the primary assessment tools in today's automotive and truck manufacturing industries. Burke Porter powertrain test stands are designed for both development laboratories and end-of-line production applications. Test stands simulate actual vehicle loading conditions and allow powertrain components such as transmissions, transfer cases and differentials to be tested and evaluated through the full range of in-vehicle operating conditions. The system evaluates test data and makes an objective determination to pass or fail a component based on pre-developed criteria.

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Transfer Cases

Axles & Differentials

Miscellaneous Testing Equipment

Noise & Vibration Tesing


Common features incorporated into Burke Porter test stands include:

  • Automatic or manual loading of product
  • Automatic oil fill and drain
  • Temperature conditioned oil supply
  • Positive and negative torques applied
  • PC or PLC based controls
  • Flexible test programming
  • Windows based operator interface
  • Data acquisition
  • Detailed test reporting
  • Automated shift force monitoring
  • Shift point analysis
  • ECU/TCM communication
  • Variable inertias
  • Leak testing
  • Modem support
  • Noise analysis integration

The Americas
Burke E. Porter Machinery - Americas
730 Plymouth Dr. N.E.
Grand Rapids, MI 49546
Telephone: 616-234-1238
Contact: Mark Sikowski
Email: Mark.Sikowski@bepco.com

Europe & Africa
Burke E. Porter Machinery - Europe
Ten Briele 6
B-8200 Brugge, Belgium
Telephone: +32-50 40 85 30
Contact: Louis Gielen
Email Louis Gielen@bepco.com

Burke E. Porter Machinery - Asia
Furong 4 road,Dong Bei Tang,Xishan economy developing district
Wuxi, Jiangsu, China 214001
Contact: Dr. Charles An
Email Charles.An@bepco.com

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